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[Treatment of dolichosigmoid and dolichocolon]. In authors' opinion the intraabdominal resection of the colon is the best method of the treatment of the disease .In medicine, a dolichocolon is an abnormally long large intestine. It should not be confused with an abnormally wide large intestine, which is called a megacolon .Oct 3, 2011 This S-shaped stretch of large bowel is the site of a variety of problems – some very unpleasant to treat.Mar 3, 2018 A case report of a redundant loop of sigmoid colon Redundant sigmoid colon, Case report, Sigmoid volvulus, Dolichosigmoid colon. Go to: .Usual transverse colon was present with mesocolon and splenic flexure with phrenico-colic ligament. descending colon, redundant colon, sigmoid colon, inferior mesenteric artery Fixed retrocolic right sided dolichosigmoid colon.